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Your 10 questions for Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai

With the volatility of both latex prices and currencies, will the profit and growth of the glove industry be sustainable, and the targeted world market share by Top Glove achievable?
In the last one year, players in the rubber glove industry were surprised by the sharp and sudden increase in the latex prices which was at its all-time high of RM10.99/kg early this year. Coupled with the unfavourable currency movements, we were hard hit. However, just like any other problems in life, after you've encountered it once, you become wiser and are more prepared in overcoming it in the future.

We have come to accept that we are in an era of intensified economic cycles and strong volatility due to uncertain global economic situation, the unpredictable weather condition and rampant natural disasters. Therefore, we have to evolve our business model and re-strategise accordingly. We have learned that while being big, it is important to remain agile by having a diversified product mix and having flexible facilities that could respond to different market demands quickly. Once the volatility is factored in, profit and growth should become sustainable. After all, demand is still robust, as glove is a necessity in the healthcare sector.

We expect to see a 30% improvement in our profit in the coming financial year due to the lower latex prices and stronger US dollar.

Given our strong and positive net cash position, this would now be an excellent opportunity to gain market share. During such tough times, the cash-rich would have the ability to hold on. We would also have the financial capability to acquire other companies. Top Glove is still expanding organically and with a potential merger and acquisition (M&A) it is likely we could achieve the targeted world market share of 30%

How did you start your company from such a small size, to what it has become today? How much capital did you spend when you first started your rubber glove business? Who is your mentor?
My mentors are some of the successful Malaysian and international business entrepreneurs.

In 1991, foreseeing a larger emphasis on healthcare, I channelled my glove manufacturing skills into entrepreneurship. My wife and I saved very hard to come up with RM180,000 to start our business.

We had to earn the trust of customers, suppliers, bankers, staff and business associates. Not many companies were willing to order from us but I was not defeated in spite of numerous rejections. Eventually, our quality, cost efficiency and competitive pricing spoke for themselves and we established our presence worldwide. It was the sheer passion for what I enjoyed doing and what I believed in that gave me the strength and determination to keep working at expanding the business.

As we progressed and grew our business, research and development initiatives were undertaken to ensure we kept up with the stringent requirements and demands from our customers and to achieve continuous quality and efficiency. We believe in quality products, always keeping our cost low and being efficient. These are arguably some of the most important criteria for a good company to stay fit regardless of the economic situation.

Having the foresight to expand capacity was also another important factor to our success. It enabled the company to capture the growth in the rubber glove industry. Top Glove's focus on being an original equipment manufacturer since the early days allowed greater economies of scale which translated to more competitive pricing. By mid-2004 we became the world's largest rubber glove manufacturer. Today, we export to approximately 1,000 customers in over 185 countries through our sales and marketing offices in Malaysia, the United States and Germany.

Looking at the achievements of Top Glove today, no doubt your employees are the best assets in making this huge success a reality. How do you motivate your staff in delivering results for the company?
Yes, you're right. Our employees are our greatest assets. Many have stayed on with the company since the early days and have grown together with the company. The long-serving management team provides continuity and stability to the business and enables the development of forward-looking strategies. These strategic initiatives are in turn executed by a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

We recognise that each employee has different needs and different motivating factors. Therefore we try to cover all bases. At the most basic level, we ensure that our employees' contributions do not go unnoticed. We reward them accordingly based on their performance through a competitive remuneration package, promotion, bonus as well as employees shares and option scheme. We also have monthly recognition for staff that have demonstrated the desired behaviour and delivered the best results in their respective areas. We also invest in the development of our people through regular training. At Top Glove, there is no limit to a person's growth. He or she has every opportunity to become a GM, MD or even a chairman.

When employees have a strong sense of belonging, they voluntarily go the distance to deliver the results. Therefore, at Top Glove, we encourage open communication and feedback from employees at all levels. We are like a big family that shares and learns from each other. Besides that, we are also committed to their health and safety. We monitor their body mass index (BMI) and strongly discourage smoking. In fact, it is a policy that we do not hire smokers. Top Glove has also employed two corporate nutritionists to design the company's cafeteria menu and counsel our employees on suitable diets for individuals. In addition, Top Glove offers its employees subsidised sports facilities to encourage them to exercise.

Besides rubber gloves , what do you or Top Glove plan to venture into and how can Malaysia be ahead or remain competitive in the making of rubber products?
Top Glove will focus on doing what it is good at. We currently have 20 glove factories in Malaysia, Thailand and China manufacturing more than 10 types of rubber gloves which include, among others, examination, surgical, household, cleanroom and industrial gloves. In addition we have moved upstream several years back to set up two latex concentrate factories for better quality control and to ensure more consistent supply.

In the long run, we plan to further integrate upstream into rubber plantation to minimise the fluctuation of rubber price impact on our earnings; as well as to balance our upstream and downstream activities and investment performance. Top Glove's demand from its rubber glove production is big enough to justify having its own plantation to supply its own latex needs. This project is for the long term. We have to start today; or else we would not ever have rubber plantations. These plans were already in the pipeline regardless of the current challenges.

In order for Malaysia to remain competitive in the making of rubber products, the rubber products industry would need to diversify further, emphasising on high value-added and high technology rubber products.

The Government also ought to step up production of rubber to ensure that the local producers can continue to secure latex at a competitive price. In addition, to provide support in the form of technical assistance in research and development, and in promoting our products in the international market through tradeshows and educational campaigns on the benefits of rubber-based products.
What is the one advice you would give to entrepreneurs who are struggling to build their business? What are some of the guiding points you would ask them to be mindful of?
Success is a journey and not a destination. It does not come easy at all. Hardwork is one of the most important elements. There is no short cut around hardwork. But hardwork alone is not sufficient, we also need to work smart and have good teamwork.

We must also commit to our dream and be persistent in the face of challenges. Never give up for if you give up the first time you fail, you will only end in failure. Just keep looking ahead, stay calm and be focused, continue doing what you are best at until you succeed. In time, excellent results will be yours. Always think positive and stay fit physically and mentally.

The important thing is profitability, there is no point being large but losing money. We are guided by the investment direction of “earn two healthy dollars and spend one efficient dollar”. What it means is that we should only spend RM1 for every RM2 earned and ensure that we earn it in a healthy manner. It is important that every company has a business direction. And always plan ahead to capture the growth in the market by setting medium and long-term targets.

Underlying all these, the entrepreneur needs to be principled and never compromise his integrity be honest and transparent.

I read that you are very health conscious. Are you a vegetarian, and what does your diet consist of? What sort of exercise do you still do?
Health is very important. We need to have a healthy body and a healthy mind in order to perform at our best and make the best decisions. I try to ensure that I eat healthily, work out often and have enough rest. Only by taking care of myself am I able to do well and compete in the intense global market. My wife and son are vegetarians but I am not. I just prefer to eat more vegetables. Exercising is part of my work schedule.

I exercise four days a week, which consist of two days of badminton and two days of evening golf. At times I will also go for a round of table tennis.

Are you a moderate or a liberal person? What are some of the life principles that you truly hold on to?
I don't think there is one word that can adequately describe a person. I can be moderate in my views on some matters and liberal on others. In my life, I have always adhered to a few simple guiding principles:

i) To always add positive values to my family, my company and the community

ii) To earn money ethically, compete in a healthy manner and to take care of society

iii) To always think positive, stay healthy and be honest

What do you want from life?
I am very driven to succeed. And success means staying healthy and doing well in all aspects of my life, including my family and my company and being able to contribute to the society.

You are one of Malaysia's most well liked corporate figures because of your humility and honest ways. Is this due to your humble background or was it something you learnt on your own through religion or a mentor?
Thank you for the compliment. To me, respect has got to be earned. It is not given nor can it be demanded. My humble background, education, Buddhist teachings and some life philosophies played a big part in how I live my life. Since young, I was also taught by my father to have zi ai or self-respect and self-discipline. We need to be mindful not to do anything to harm ourselves and we need to always take good care of ourselves. Therefore, I do not believe in behaving unethically for short-term gain but which in the long run may burn myself and destroy my self-worth. Likewise, being humble and respectful of others is also respecting myself.

As you approach the second half of your life, what is it that you hope to achieve for yourself and your company?
I have always enjoyed working and keeping myself busy. I aim to stay healthy and live until 100 years old and it is my target to remain active till then. I hope Top Glove will be even bigger and stronger by the time I hand over the reins.

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  Buy At Quantity Cost MktPrice MktValue Gain/Loss
PowerRoot 0.5964 500 298.18 0.480 240.00 (58.18)
Latexx 2.40 200 493.15 1.860 372.00 (121.15)
HuaYang 1.580 100 171.05 1.130 113.00 (58.05)
HuaYang 1.400 200 294.00 1.130 226.00 (68.00)
HuaYang(Bonus 1:3) 0.000 100 0.00 1.130 113.00 113.00
UOADev 1.500 100 163.05 1.330 133.00 (30.05)
UOADev 1.453 100 159.25 1.330 133.00 (26.25)
KKB 1.600 200 334.00 1.660 332.00 (2.00)
Leader 1.000 3000 3004.90 1.010 3030.00 25.10
Fitters 0.900 500 463.27 0.855 427.50 (35.77)

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看了investalks Tan81的分享,自己大概做了整合。

事实上,是错误的。房产投资的方式,我觉得最好的是可以制造现金流的。Free cash flow concept在地产投资很重要。简单说就是让你的租户帮你供家供楼,最后资产还是你的。


不然,你靠,一开始,你就是 Loser 来的。


第一,风暴来的时候,你就卖不出。经济有周期,有起,就有落。我们迟早会面对经济不景气的。你买进来的房产,到时要怎么卖? 当然,有人会说,在风暴来之前,我把它们都卖出,就好了。真的有那么准吗? 如果这么会看Timing,每次周期,你也可以很容易的赚几百万了。每510年,做一轮就好了。你做得到吗?

第二,买卖房产的费用很高。你自己计算一下,扣除Agent fees,律师费,税务,银行利息,贷款惩罚等等,你会发现到,屋价没有相差 RM100K,是赚不到钱的。现在开始发现到,卖房子,要卖很高价了吗? 要差额RM100K以上,这么快,这么容易达到吗?

第三,房产转让的时间很长。一单交易,快的话,就3-6个月,慢的话,说不定要花整年的时间。由于买卖房产,要看 Timing,交易的时间过长,可能会破化了你的 timing 的选择。






要获取正现金流的投资, 第一就是要找到这样的投资机会。很多人连这个门槛也过不了了。

Claim your “Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M)” Now

As highlighted in 2012 Budgets, households who earn less than RM3,000 per months are eligible to claim for one-off cash assistance under “Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M)”.
For those who are eligible, the registration will be opened until 10th January 2012 at various locations including schools. Registration form we be distributed via newspapers and also can be downloaded from Ministry of Finance website.
An action will be taken against people who claim the one-off RM500 aid, but not qualify & submitting false information.
Below are the eligibility criteria,

  1. Malaysian Citizen
  2. Gross household income of less than RM3,000 per month.
  3. Senior citizen who are more than 60 years old, stay alone & earn less than RM3,000 per month
  4. Those receiving aid from the Welfare Department under the e-Kasih were also eligible
Definition of the household
  1. Head of family with dependant
  2. Father, mother or single with dependant
  3. Married children is considered separate household
For more information kindly browse the following webpage,
  1. Ministry of Finance webpage on BR1M
  2. BR1M mechanism
  3. List of registration counter
  4. Registration form

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雲頂(GENTING,3182,主板貿服組)擬斥資38億美元(約120億令吉)在美國邁阿密興建全球最大賭場兼休閒勝地,這項計劃舉世矚目,卻也令市 場人士擔心,這項計劃可能引來一些爭議,特別是賭場往往與“偏門收入”聯繫在一起,其所造成的社會與經濟影響效應,能否超越博奕收入所產生的經濟效益,確 實讓人關注。

雲頂主席兼首席執行員丹斯里林國泰表示,他有信心將亞洲的成功模式轉移到海外其他地方。該公司在新加坡經營47億新元(約115億令吉)的賭場兼度假勝地 “聖淘沙名勝世界”,手上也擁有充裕的現金,可以在現金緊張的美國市場派上用場,況且美國政府正探討減少失業率、降低國家財政開銷等方案,為雲頂的擴張計 劃減少擋路石。







林:當然可以,而且相信會成功。我們指的是邁阿密,不是擁有30個賭場的拉斯維加斯,邁阿密是一個世 界級大都會,假如你準備前往南美洲,轉換班機的地方會是邁阿密,歐洲人也經常前往邁阿密經商與度假。邁阿密是一個中心點,比較不足的是缺乏與亞洲的聯繫, 如果能將邁阿密與亞洲聯繫在一起,我認為那將會是一個令人雀躍的地方。
















林:對我們的僱員,我們是以大家庭成員來看待他們,我們希望他們感到舒適、開心。譬如,在郵輪上,我 們面對工作准證限制的情況不多,那是一個學習交易的平台。我們尊重本身的員工,他們不需要填寫一大堆表格或是蓋上手印,如果受到類似刑事犯的對待,那不是 他們準備面對的情況。基於國家保安考量,我的方案是:要當一名負責任、讓工人信服的僱主,如果工人開心,他們也不會做錯事

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我的网赚 Nov 2011

My online income Oct 2011 :
Nuffnang: RM36.00
Google Adsense :USD15.90

Google adsense income improve a bit this month. I have restructured most of my blogs and website, in future will only be focusing on my free personal development site which is 

Nuffnang income also remain slow, luckily got a few new Buffered ads which helps to move forward to another paycheck soon.